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AayushBhaskar.com is a place to learn about fintech, crypto, how to make and how to save money to become financially independent.

I usually discuss banks, credit cards, and investment opportunities – subtle changes that help big time as you grow older.

I started making money when I was 17. I’ve been handling my finances all by myself, and so far, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to saving and investing my income.

I’ve assembled a group of talented writers and topic researchers to make sure you get the best information.

Our aim is to help you achieve financial freedom your financial goals through new-age fintech tools, and investment strategies.

Money Mantra – Don't pick individual stocks until you've invested 50% of your investible cash in a basket of mutual funds. (Avoid index funds in India.)


Started Web Designing (I was 16.)


Started writing about what I observed people missed with their monetization strategy (a very naive view, but my own.)


BforBloggers Was Born. Completely Bootstrapped.


I monetize BforBloggers solely using affiliate marketing and vetted partnerships. We grow to a team of 3. I still write, however, focus more on partnerships and designing. We are profitable.


We grow 20X. I'm 19. I just bought a Hyundai Venue (Customized). We add 2 more members to the team.

I also start writing the business plan for AayushBhaskar.com, register the domain.


We launch AayushBhaskar.com on scale. Add 2 more members. No growth in the first 4 months. Things scale when I publish initial Dogecoin articles and start writing tutorials.


I publish INDmoney's review, which establishes our authority as a key player. We iterate and shift our focus from Crypto to fintech.


AayushBhaskar.com clocks 100K views for the first time.

Squeeze Growth is launched and incorporated. We now consolidate our entire business under Squeeze Growth LLP.


I turn 2021. One month after that happens, I move out to a new city. It's simple – If you're 21 and in college, cool. If not, get out of your parent's shelter.


AayushBhaskar.com is on track to become the #1 fintech blog in India. We launch FinChamps as a test project. I'm still indie.

The timeline is updated every quarter.

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Aayush understands that naive can’t handle money – from a personal experience. He started this blog as an initiative to teach millennials and young entrepreneurs how to make, manage, and invest money towards a better future.

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