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In this section, we are aiming to curate a “Get Started” guide for beginners.


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As you start reading more and more about finance, you will encounter tons of individuals claiming to be super traders and investors. Most of them will offer you a course, training, webinar or some kind of paid summit at some point. No one in the history of finance became rich by taking a course or attending a webinar. You don't need to pay for information. Be smart, read more, understand the economy, read accounting papers, and make your own decision.

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With so many different fintech apps in India, it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin with. I want you to start with the most effective and major product available.

Best for Trading Stocks

Zerodha allows you to trade stocks, options and future, commodities and more. Zerodha is also the best option for long term holding.

Invest in U.S. Stock Market

Vested allows you to buy and sell stocks listed in U.S. Stock Exchange. Zero fees and direct deposit. You get a $10 Bonus.

Another great Option for Trading Stocks

If for any reason you don't think Zerodha is for you, Dhan is the best alternative for trading stocks, options, commodities and more.

Track Your Investments

INDmoney will help you track your investment across all assets and you can invest in Mutual Funds Too.

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